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Solid Bubble bath – Use Gloves when using sls

Dry ingredients:
 2 cups Bicarbonate soda
 1 cup cornstarch
 25 g sls needles or slsa (natural)
Wet Ingredients;
 120 ml glycerine
 Optional water soluble dye to colour
 Optional fragrance or essential oil

Grind the sls needles into a powder. In a big bowl combine all the dry ingredients and mix well with a plastic spatula or whisk.

Add fragrance or essential oil & water soluble dye.

Add glycerine and mix well until you have a dough. Press the dough into moulds. Remove from the mould and use as and when you want to. If the dough is too moist add more cornstarch, if too dry add more moist. The same principle applies as with making any dough.

You can split the dough up into different batches and roll them up into different colours and layer them to make swirls and twirls.


Method 2 – Make a regular play dough and add sls needles to it. Use gloves when handling the sls.