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Natural Liquid Soap for: Shampoos, liquid hand soaps, body wash, face wash.

Start up formulation:
 10 Lauryl glucoside 10%
 16.70 Dehyton 16.7 %
 3 Lamesoft (optional) viscosity booster – You can increase the % of this for a thicker viscosity.
 Hydrolysed wheat protein (optional) nice additional ingredient for shampoos
 Balance – Deionised water
For our newbies here…the above is what a formulation looks like. A formulation assists you to make your own quantity. A recipe is gives you the exact amount of ingredients to make a certain quantity of a product. But to help you get the hang of it I have given a recipe for the same product below:
 100 ml lauryl glucoside
 160 ml dehyton
 30 ml Lamesoft
 703 ml Luke warm deionised water
 2 ml Rose Essential oil blend
 2 ml Rosehip oil

This formulation is my absolute favourite because for an end product you can use it on children, your hair, body and everywhere. It is mild and has lovely foaming abilities.

I make this in a clean 5 litre bucket and it goes a long way.

Add all ingredients to the water as per ingredient order. Stir gently. Ready for use.

Fragrance or essential oil as per your favourite.

When I make this for myself I add rose essential oil and rosehip oil. It smells good naturally and feels silky on your skin.

Mix ingredients together at room temperature in order.

Tip: If you want your product thicker without adding more viscosity booster you can use less water.

And for a twist to make your soap black naturally you can add our P1 grade actuvated charcoal to your water phase and then add the rest of your ingredients.