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Cleansing Rose Cream

 30 g Emulsifiying wax
 100 g Shea butter or avocado butter preference shea butter
 100 g Sweet almond oil
 50 g Grapeseed oil
 10 ml Rose blend essential oil
 100 ml rose water
 100 ml Glycerine
 1.80 l hot deionised water
 Optional Preservative


In a stainless steel pot warm your oils and emulsifying wax together until just melted.

Add to hot water and commence stirring immediately. Stir at intervals for 3-5 minutes until luke warm.

Once luke warm add the rose water and glycerine and give it a good blending ..preferably with a stick blender.

Stir every now and then until cooled. Add Rose essential oil blend and if you need to.. your preservative.

Apply to skin in the mornings. Wipe off with a cotton pad and you will be good to go for the rest of the day.. no moisturiser needed.

But Hey.. if you are in the sun all day.. you might want to make sure you are well protected with a proper formulated SPF made by professionals. I have a whole lot to say about this topic but will make mention of it later.