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Bath salt


Making bath salts is just so simple and quick and you can become very creative making it.

There are different types of salt, Himalayan salt, normal white course salt, espsom salt (magnesium sulphate, fine salt, dead sea salt. The type of salt you use is entirely your choice. So I am just going to provide you with tips and ideas for this section.

To colour white salt you will use bath salt dye (it is a powder) and you only need a tiny bit to colour a lot of salt.. eg 10ml dye will colour about 50kg. you can combine epsom salts with fine salts. Add dried botanicals, glitter micas. You could layer the salts in a nice container for a pressie. For aromatherapy, add essential oils or nice fragrance oils.

So depending on your budget or needs, you cant flop this basic product.