For use in Cold Process Soap, lotions, creams, body butters.


Grapeseed Delight – Cold Process Soap

Follow basic soap making instructions Makes 1kg


Grapeseed Oil                                                                   500g

Cocoa Butter                                                                      100g

Stearic Acid                                                                         50g

Wheatgerm Oil                                                                     50g

Castor Oil                                                                             100g

Sunflower Oil                                                                      200g


Caustic Soda  Pearls                                               125g

Water                                                                        350ml

Grape Fragrance optional Purple soap dye optional.  Remember to add fragrances and dyes near the end of the blending.

Note:  Caustic Soda + water = Lye


Basic Soap making Instructions

While wearing safety goggles and  gloves combine the caustic soda and the water in the glass 1 litre jug.  Make sure you add the caustic soda to the water and not the water to the caustic soda. Set aside and allow to cool (43 degrees Celsius)


In the bowl combine oils and heat gently. Once the fats and oils are melted allow the temperature to drop to 43 degrees Celsius.


The trick is this…if you see the oils are cooling faster than the lye heat the oils back up slightly for a few seconds in the microwave.  If the oil is too hot then place it in a basin of ice cold water to bring the temperature down faster.


Once the lye and the oils are at the same temperature add the lye to the oils.  Start blending immediately. (without splashing)


Blending can take up to 2-3 hours. (so have a cup of tea handy) Blend for 10-15 minutes and give the blender a rest for approximately 15 minutes.  Blend until the mixture is as thick as very thick custard.When you lift the blender out of the bowl droplets should not fall straight into the mixture and disappear it should leave a trace of the droplets.

Now only add leaves, fragrance oils, essential oils, dyes and your favourite goodies. And mix for a few minutes until well incorporated.



Pour the mixture into the mould.  Allow to rest for 3 days.  I usually cover the mould with wax wrapping.   Cut the soap with a soap cutter into blocks, if you don’t have one, use a non serrated knife.  Leave the soap to cure for 3-4 weeks.  The longer you leave the soap to cure the harder and better the soap will be.


You will notice after a few hours how the mixture changes colour.


NOTE:  It is important that you measure  your ingredients as accurately as possible. 

Take regular temperature checks to ensure the lye and oils are at the same temperature. (you can have a difference of no more than 5 degrees)