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Camphor Essential Oil 10ml

//Camphor Essential Oil 10ml

Camphor Essential Oil 10ml


25 in stock

25 in stock



Botanical Name:Cinnamomum Camphora

Part of Plant Extracted:Wood

Recipe – Camphor Cream


90g Emulsifying wax
150g White Petroleium Jelly or white technical oil

Preservative – optional

11 Litre  Hot water -70 degrees Celcius


  • ·        Melt the emulsifying wax  together with the oil and petroleum jelly gently on low heat over the stove or in the microwave.  Do not allow it to burn.  Stirring in between.
  • ·        Combine the hot water with the oil mix in a separate sterile container.

Start Blending  immediately.  Blend until cooled with rest periods in between.

Add 2ml Camphor oil.  Once cooled  Decant into small containers. 

Optional:  Add preservative

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