Tips on Cold process soap making

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If you have a fragrance that is fast accelerating pour the batter into the mould as quickly as possible. Dont throw it away. You can always make another batch and pour it over the existing batch. Also try minimize the amount of fragrance you use. When adding fragrance dont use the stick blender as this can further the acceleration of the soap. Stir the fragrance in gently.

There are a number of reasons soap can seize,trace is not right, you might have over traced the soap (over blended), incorrect measurements., incorrect temperatures.If you are a beginner..don’t add fragrances. Get the knack of the basics and then start adding different textures and fragrances.

All Fragrances are suitable for making cold process soap, the outcome will depends on the various carrier oils, butters, temperatures, when you have added the fragrance and the amount you add.

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