Q. I would like to start my own business from home but I dont know where to begin.

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Start you own business off on a small scale, dont use too many different fragrances.  This confuses consumers and makes decision making difficult, also this can make your labelling very expensive if you have a massive variety.  Start off with a simple neat range.

So you have decided to start making your own personal care skin products.  You might want to be doing this as a hobby or as a business.

I am going to take you through the journey from start to finish.  In this compilation I will be providing you with the basic knowledge to help get you started, formulations, and some important information.  When reading through the information dont skip a paragraph because there might just be something in that paragraph that you will need to refer to later.

In my years of experience I have been asked the same question on several occasions,

Will my new business venture succeed?  This question should be a question you should be asking yourself.  To find your answer you need to put a business plan together. Here are some of the questions you will put into your business plan:

Customers – Who will you be selling to? How will you get your products delivered to your customers?  In your decision of who you customers will be you will have to make a decision on whether you want to manufacture and sell an all natural product or a product with a long shelf life. On your list of potential customers could be schools, hotels, b & b’s, Salons, Hospitals, Markets..even chain stores.. But the intention of this document is to help you starting a small business.

Budget – You can start a business from as little as R500.  Many People make the same mistake by investing Thousands of rands into a business they have not yet tried or tested.

In your new venture you will need to budget for Advertising, cash flow, equipment , production e.g.labelling costs and cost of trials.

Competition – There are probably hundreds of People making similar products to you.

The key is to make something unique.. A product that you cannot find in a supermarket or at the local pharmacy where you have your product that gets lost between all the other products on the shelves similar to yours but just with a different label.

Marketing – Marketing is probably the most important aspect of any business –  It is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.  You will need to determine if you are going to sell online or direct selling to friends and colleagues. Or taking your products to markets?

Place of Production – You can make products from home or a factory.  It is very important that you seperate the apparatus you use to make products from your cooking utensils.  The area in which you work must be super clean. Little children must be kept away from ingredients and the area must be free from animals.

Pricing – Once you have determined who your customers are is going to depend on how your labelling/ containers will look.  E.g. if you have a product that is going to be sold to the lower income category of people, your packaging must still look fabulous but does not have to have expensive gold lids on the bottles. Simplicity with a clean look will be practical for your budget.

Quantity – This part does not have to be difficult.  Start producing a small amount of your product.  E.g. you have decided on making a body butter. Start by making 10 units, finished and ready to sell.  If you run out faster than you anticipated that is great because next time you know you must make 15. Consumers will be encouraged because what you  have done secretly is create a supply and demand.

This very brief business plan is not intended for acquiring loans from the banks to start up.

I strongly recommend that people starting their own small businesses should not be seeking loans.  You must base your business on what you sum of money you have got to invest. Remember you can start a business for R500 or even less depending on what you are making.

The idea of starting a small business is exactly that….a small business.  People have a tendency to become excited and want to start making a large range of products all in one go.

This is a big mistake because you are going to over invest and have too many options, or make too many products, available for consumers or you haven’t yet even created a footprint. It’s like having a professional cv done but you don’t send it out to potential employers. Consumers have enough serious decisions to make and offering them a range of several different items puts them under pressure so they end up walking away rather than making that decision to purchase your product.

Let’s have a look at the image below…they are all black pens…how do you feel about choosing one of them?  Confused? .that is what goes through the minds of consumers.

Basic equipment you will need to start your own little business:


Electric blender

Digital Scale


Stainless steel Pot

Measuring jugs and spoons

Making Liquid soap from our kits

A common mistake our clients make is adding salt to thicken the product to fast.  Always add the salt slowly while stirring and make sure the salt is fully dissolved before adding more.  If you add too much salt your product will become watery. If you have made this mistake you can fix the problem by making another solution without salt and adding  it to your existing batch.

To start making your own liquid soap it is recommended that you use our Liquid soap kit.  It is easy and versatile.

Lotions and creams, You can either use our kits, or make your own by using emusifying wax and a recipe from our site. It is recommended that you use a preservative in creams, lotions and body butters.

Soaps – If you have not yet made your own soap from scratch before then you can start by using our melt and pour soap and if you feel you want to challenge making your own cold process soap, then follow one of our recipes.

Shampoos and conditioners, we supply a hair conditioner base which is easy to use.  You can find this product under prepared bases on our website.

Shampoo base – can also be found under our prepared bases category, once again easy to use.

We do not provide specific focused formulations for hair care products to treat different hair types.

Start you own business off on a small scale, dont use too many different fragrances.  This confuses consumers and makes decision making difficult, also this can make your labelling very expensive if you have a massive variety.  Start off with a simple neat range.

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