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Info Fire , Explosion & reactivity

Flash point: 170F

Extinguishing Media Foam or water, Dry chemical, carbon dioxide

Dot Classification: Non hazardous

Stability: Stable

Fire Fighting: Fire fighters should wear positive pressure self contained breathing apparatus. Spray extinguishing media directly at the base of the flames.

Unusual fire Hazard: Water is unsuitable for use on burning materials, but may be used to cool containers exposed to heat.

Hazardous Combustible Decomposition Products: Burning liberates Co, CO2 and s,oke.

Physical Data

Colour & Odour: Fragrant Liquid.

Boiling point n/a

Melting point n/a

Vapor Pressure <2mm Hg@20C Vapor density (Air=1)>1

Water solubililty N/A

Protection Data Respitatory: No special protection: odor mask or organic vapor respirator should be worn if vapors are found too annoying/irritating.

Skin: Use oil/solvent resistant gloves.

Eye: Use chemical splash goggles or face shield.

Occupational Exposure Limit

Threshold limit: Not determined

OSHA permissable Limit : Not determined.

Carcinogen: No

Health Hazards:

Material type: Liquid may be irritating to skin/eyes and respiratory system. The identity of the individiual components of fragrance oils is proprietory information and is regarded to be a trade secret. In accordance with 29CFR1900.1200 we have to assume that the mixture presents the same health hazards as the individual components when they are present at greater than 1% concentration.

Emergency First aid

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air and call a doctor.

Eye contact: Remove contact lenses Flush eyes with cool water for at least 15minutes. If irritation persists call a physisian.

Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Was with mild soap and water.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth with eater. Give up to a tumbler of milk or water. Consult a doctor.

Spill Leakage & disposal procedures

Remove all potential sources of igniyion. Contain spill with inert non combustible absotbent material, and place in approved containers.

Handling and shipping procedures: Store in full sealed containers in a cool dry place away from sources of ignition heat or direct sunlight. Follow good industrial and hygienic practices.

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