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We have had not had issues with any of our fragrances in CP soap.  Depending on the technique you use, carrier oils, temperature, will depend on the outcome of your soap.  You will need to experiment with them individually and practice adding them correctly. I will however overtime provide the acceleration of each as I test each one for you.

Orange – Fast – The soap still came out beautiful but I had to work fast.

Sweet Pea – No acceleration

Ocean Mist – No acceleration

Vanilla – Does not accelerate

Litchi – No acceleration

Pomegranate – No acceleration

Avo cucumber – Medium to fast

Apple – Slow acceleration

Aloe & Bamboo – no acceleration

Banana – Very slight acceleration

Almond – no acceleration

Bamboo – No acceleration

Black Pepper – Slight acceleration

Baby – No acceleration

Baobab – No acceleration

Cinnamon – no acceleration

Cranberry – medium acceleration -had to use more f.o. because it is a mild smelling F.O.

Blueberry – Fast acceleration

Cherry – Fast acceleration

Coconut – No acceleration

Cuppucino – Slow to medium

Chocolate – Fast acceleration

Cucumber – Fast acceleration

Candy floss – Slow- had to add extra F O because its not very strong smelling

Desert Rose – Slow acceleration

Frankinsense & Mhyrr – Medium to fast acceleration

Frangipani – Slow acceleration

Fenjal – Medium to fast acceleration

Grape – Slow to medium acceleration

Ginger – Fast acceleration (suck a pity) it did not seize but I could feel that if I continued stirring it my spooon would have eventually got stuck in it.

Rose – No acceleration

Jasmine – No accelertion

Ylang Ylang- Slight acceleration

Watermelon – No accelerration

Passion Fruit -Slight acceleration

Rooibos -No acceleration

Sandalwood – No acceleration

Tuberose-  Slight to fast acceleration – darkens the batter

Pear – No acceleration

Tobacco – Slight acceleration – darkens the batter

Pina Colado – Fast acceleration

Lilly of the valley – No acceleration

Pineapple -slight acceleration

Lemongrass – No acceleration

Milk and honey – No acceleration

Magnolia -slight acceleration

Neroli – No acceleration

Lavender -No acceleration

Lavender essential oil – No acceleration

Patchouli – Slight acceleration

Marshmallow – No acceleration -Had to add more because its aroma is weak.

Marula – Slight acceleration

Herbal = Slight acceleration

Grapefruit – No acceleration

Peach – No acceleration

Strawberry – No acceleration

Peppermint essential oil – slight acceleration (added too much)

Rose geranium essential oil – No acceleration

Rose geranium fragrance oi – No acceleration

Sweet Orange essential oil – Fast acceleration – changed colour of batter.

Gardenia – No acceleration

Ice cream – no acceleration – had to use extra because the aroma is weak.

Honeysuckle – No acceleration – slight change of colour of batter.

Musk – no acceleration

Liquorice – Medium to fast acceleration -darkend batter.

Lotus – No acceleration

Mojito – Fast acceleration

Strawberry Dacquiri – No acceleration

Lavender Field – No acceleration

Jasmine fleur -No acceleration

Marjoram Essential Oil -Fast acceleration

Rose blend essential oil – No acceleration

Rosemary Essential oil – Slight acceleration

Mandarin Essential oil – Fast acceleration

Lemon verbena essential oil -Medium to fast

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