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Many formulations are calculated by percentage because it depends the method you are measuring. If a formulation calls for 1% of a particular ingredient of the volume of your product your calculation will be EXAMPLE:

You are making 1000g of conditioner and you want to add 1% of a specific ingredient,

On your calculator enter 1000 x 1% = 10

So you will add either 10ml or 10g depending on how you are


Example B – Using several ingredients in formulations with percentages to balance been water.

Ingredient A 16.7 %

Ingredient B – 10%

Ingredient C -3%

Balance -water

If you want to make 1kg of a specific product on your calculator add all the ingredient percentages together. In this case

you have 3 ingredients totaling to 29.7 (16.7 +10+3)

Deduct 29.7 % from 100%

The amount of water you will be using is 100 -29.7 = 70.3%

Now that you know the amount of water you will be using.. you are going to measure out your ingredients.

e.g. Ingredient A is 16.7%

Remember in our example we are making 1000g of a specific product

On your calculator you will enter 100 x 16.7 = 167.00

The amount converted from % to grams is 167g

The total amount of water is 703g

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