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You are Welcome to buy directly from our shop without ordering online.  Visit our Store in Kempton Park.

Please DONT !!! Place orders if you do not intend paying for them.

 It is unfair on our Staff Packers and Serious Buyers.

Did you Know?

If you are local did you know you can arrange your own collection via Uber from only R30

Are shipping costs too high?

Ask us for the weight and dimensions of your parcel and get quotes from your local couriers.

Email: sales@funwithsoap.co.za for your parcel weight and dimensions.

Support your local business where possible.

Please allow us 1-2 days to pack and weigh your order. -Haste makes waste.

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Please do not place orders if you do not intend to pay for them.  This creates a backlog for serious buyers and puts our packers under tremendous pressure.  Unpaid orders will be cancelled after 3 days.

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Self-help Quotes for products

We are an online shop so do not give quotes as all our products and prices are on our website.  Please do your quote online without submitting it to checkout.  If the quote is for a formal quote e.g. you need funding from a Government institution then submit it to checkout.  We will hold your quote for 7 days.

Technical information

We share as much technical as possible that we are given by our suppliers.  If we do not have it on our website it means the suppliers have not given us the relevant information.  Please refer to our Technical Data Library for Certificates of analysis that we do have.

Knowledge is Power !

Questions & Answers

Need More Information?

We do not respond to queries regarding products where information is already supplied on our website.  Please read through our Q & A Page and recipes page before submitting your query.

Technical information requests can be sent to sales@funwithsoap.co.za please remember we will not respond if the information is already on the website.  It is imperative that you read and research as much as possible for your own good.  We have videos and you can follow our youtube channel for updates.

Compliments and Complaints

We are a Client eccentric business and have Old fashioned beliefs in word of mouth.  Please refer any compliments and complaints to our owner debbier@acesurfer.co.za We measure our client service on customer reviews so please give us a thumbs up if we have given good service.  If a thumbs down please let Debbie know before you give us a review.

We will endeavor to resolve problems timeously and most importantly to your satisfaction.

Confused on how to order???

Read our how to order page on our website.

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Please Take Note:

As an Unclouded  business we like to be transparent and up front.

We do not sell products for Laundry or Dishwashing so please don’t ask us if we do.  You won’t get an answer from us.
Looking for a product?  Use our easy-to-use Search box,  type in the first 3 letters or more and it miraculously will appear.
Due to the war on Ukraine we are suffering with stock shortages and price hikes, we will endeavor to continue doing our best in bulk buying.

All our fragrances have been tested with a combination of beeswax, shea butter and cocoa butter.

No seizures were noted.

We soaped at 32 degrees celsius.