Natural Liquid soap recipe – Easy to make

Shampoos, liquid hand soaps, body wash, face wash

Start up formulation:

Lauryl glucoside 10%

Dehyton  16.7 %

Lamesoft 3% (optional) viscosity booster

Hydrolysed wheat protein (optional) nice additional ingredient for shampoos

Balance – Deionised water

Mix ingredients together at room temperature in order.

Water soluble Bath Oil

80% Technical oil

20% laureth  4

Add both ingredients together . Shake well. Add fragrance or essential oil.


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Makes approx 2.0 Litres


90g Emulsifying wax

150g White petroleum jelly

100ml vitamin e oil


1.8 Litres Water hot deionised water


Melt all Phase A ingredients together in a stainless steel pot GENTLY over the stove .

Add to Hot water, and commencing blending.  Blend every 15 minutes for 2 minutes until cooled.

Optional – add preservative

Optional add fragrance / water soluble dye


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